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Destination in Myanmar - MRAUK U

Largely unknown to the Western world for much of its tur�bulent history, Rakhine played a pivotal role in the exchange of cultures and religions between India and Southeast Asia. For over a thousand years the region which now forms the Rakhine State, Myanmar was an independent state whose rich history is only slowly being paid the attention it deserves.



The Andaw Pagoda of Mrauk U means the Pagoda enshrining the tooth-relic of Buddha. The pagoda is located about 86 feet from the Shittaung Pagoda in the north-east direction. Min Hla Raza was the original builder of this pagoda in 1521 A.D. Due to some damaged parts, the King of Mrauk U, Minrazagyi reconstructed this pagoda in 1596 A.D.




Sanda Muni Buddha Image is now located in Bandoola Monastery, of Mrauk U. During A.D 123, Gautama Buddha came to Mrauk U and from that time on, people started to believe in Buddhism and had beliefs in worshipping Buddha images and Pagodas.



Koethaung Pagoda, the name means 90,000 and probably signified the number of Buddha images it was supposed to contain. To the north of the Pisei Hill at a distance of 400 yards is the Koethaung Pagoda. The pagoda stands on a plain and is surrounded by paddy fields. The upper tiers of the pagoda had disappeared. The remaining lowest tier is about 30 feet high including earth foundation.




Thatbyinnyu Temple is a famous temple located in Bagan (formerly Pagan), built in the mid-12th century during the reign of King Alaungsithu. It is adjacent to Ananda Temple. Thatbyinnyu Temple is shaped like a cross, but is not symmetrical. The temple has two primary storeys, with the seated Buddha image located on the second storey.